Corporate and Party Photo Booth Hire

Photo booth Ireland History

Photobooth hire in Ireland has become very popular in the last few years , for weddings, birthdays, communions, debs,and all types of events . As with alot of trends photobooth hire emerged as a trend in the United States before taking off in Australia and now Europe . Photobooths have come along way since the first commercially available one that was developed by German Conrad Bernitt in 1890 , these early versions had very little in common with todays wedding Photobooths . The earliest version of todays booths were developed  Anatol Josepho in 1925 and proved to be very succesfull in New York where he lived having moved there from Russia . Just 2 years later he would be paid a million dollars for his invention , an astonishing amount of money at the time . The early version could only print very basic black and white images and customers had to wait 10 minutes for their photos to print , a big contrast to the high quality images with digitally imposed backgrounds printed in just  7 seconds that are produced by photobooths used by .